from idea to success

FlosVita BrandShop is a modern European company providing services on business launching on a turnkey basis. FlosVita is not a usual brand agency. We offer a full range of services from trademark registration to the distribution of finished products throughout the world.

Our company provides an opportunity to translate your ideas or desires into the finished product. With our considerable experience in the development, production and promotion of our brands on the market, we offer partnership in the highly profitable modern business.

We are working with businesses launching in the following three areas:


Beauty products for face and body skin care, hair care products oriented on mass market of middle and premium classes.


Medicinal cosmetics solving certain cosmological problems, oriented on the professional market – beauticians, dermatolgists, beauty salons and clinics of aesthetic medicine.

Pharmaceutical creams

Remedies for sale in pharmacies.

We can develop a mono-product, which will be self-sufficient and demanded. We can also create a series of products, each of which will harmoniously complement each other and strengthen mutual effect.


  • certified (GMP) European production;
  • modern laboratory ensuring quality control of products at all stages of their production;
  • provision of certification services for finished products in the European Union.

We provide contract production services. This means that you shall not need any own production facilities, purchase equipment, raw materials and packaging – FlosVita company will do it for you.

Design and Development

  • design of logo and corporate identity;
  • development of unique cosmetic formulations and production technologies;
  • development of a corporate web-site;
  • development of company and products concept.

FlosVita does not just concoct logos and slogans, FlosVita creates the name and image that will bring profit for years.


  • market analysis and market research;
  • preparation of sales strategy;
  • advertising campaign in the Internet and promotion in social networks;
  • distribution network in Europe;
  • participation in exhibitions (regional and international);
  • holding seminars and workshops.

We can help you with the development of a sales strategy for each of the three directions – cosmetics, cosmeceuticals and pharmaceutical creams. We will help to bring your products to the markets of Ukraine, the European Union or world ones.

We are located in Poznan City, Wyspiańskiego Str., house 10/5.

Representation in Ukraine is located in Kharkiv City.